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Publisher: Jeannette Global Enterprises LLC
Version: 1.03.0002
License: Shareware
Trial Limitations: 21 Days
Price: $19.90
Operating Systems: WinXP,Windows2003,Windows Vista Starter,Windows Vista Home Basic,Windows Vista Home Premium,Windows Vista Business,Windows Vista Enterprise,Windows Vista Ultimate
System Requirements: Windows XP/Vista/2003 with Internet Explorer 6 or later.
File Size: 1.12 MB
Total Views: 1559
Total Downloads: 1
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Release Date: 10/16/2012
Last Update Date: 8/1/2016
ieKeyboard Short Description:
Easily enter international characters in Internet Explorer.
ieKeyboard Long Description:
ieKeyboard is an Internet Explorer browser add-on that allows the user to easily enter international characters (foreign characters) without having to

reconfigure Microsoft Windows, install language packs, etc. Our international keyboard is an indispensable tool for accessing social networking

websites like Facebook, YouTube, and MySpace. It should also come in particularly handy for users who perform multilingual searches in Google,

Yahoo, and other search engines. Do you need to enter foreign characters in blogs, forums, web-mails, or diaries? If so, then our virtual keyboard is

for you! Also, please note that many people, especially Eastern Europeans do not like seeing their names misspelled ieKeyboard may save your

relationship or ... a business deal. In general, misspelling (or mispronouncing) people's names makes it hard for people to relate in a meaningful way.

Our international on-screen keyboard allows you to write in your own language regardless of where you are in the world! More... virtual keyboard is a

much better solution than reconfiguring Windows because even if you do reconfigure Windows to use your language - you will find yourself in front of

a keyboard with a different language layout so you will have to guess locations of the keys or... find and print a layout chart. The program installs as

a new button in the Internet Explorer toolbar - whenever you need foreign characters, just hit the ieKeyboard button and it pops up our virtual

keyboard as a draggable window on your current web page. Select the language you desire by clicking on the Language Selector button at the

bottom-left corner of the virtual keyboard. The list of available languages will appear below the keyboard. Click on the language you need. The layout

of the virtual keyboard will change and the Language Selector will show the abbreviated name of your language. Our international keyboard

remembers your language selection on the per website basis so next time you visit the same website the language setting is recalled. Position the

cursor in the input field where you want the text to appear and... start typing. The ability to enter characters directly into the desired input field is a

unique feature of ieKeyboard - other virtual keyboards available on internet operate on their own websites and require you to first enter all of the text

in a temporary input field on another web page and then copy and paste the text to the destination field.

Supported languages, alphabets, and layouts:

Ar - Arabic,
Bg - Bulgarian,
Ca - Canadian,
Cn - Chinese,
Cz - Czech,
C2 - Chech Alt,
Da - Danish 159,
D2 - Danish 281,
Nl - Dutch,
De - German,
Et - Estonian,
Fi - Finnish,
Fr - French,
El - Greek,
He - Hebrew,
In - Devanagari script (Hindu/Konkani/Marathi/Sanscrit),
Hu - Hungarian,
Is - Icelandic,
It - Italian,
Jk - Japanese Katakana,
Jh - Japanese Hiragana,
Ko - Korean,
Lv - Latvian,
Lt - Lithuanian,
Mk - Macedonian,
No - Norwegian 155,
N2 - Norwegian 281,
P2 - Polish 214,
P4 - Polish 457,
Pt - Portuguese,
Ro - Romanian,
Ru - Russian,
Sr - Serbian,
Sh - Serbo-Croatian,
Sk - Slovak,
Es - Spanish,
Sv - Swedish,
Th - Thai,
Uk - Ukrainian,
Us - English
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