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Publisher: Peng Wang
Version: 2.5
License: Shareware
Price: $39.00
Operating Systems: Windows 95/98/ME,Windows NT/2000,Windows XP
File Size: 2.21 MB
Total Views: 914
Total Downloads: 0
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Release Date: 7/10/2012
Last Update Date: 7/21/2016
WebCleaner Short Description:
Stop adult, gambling, violent sites for kids.
WebCleaner Long Description:
WebCleaner real-time filters unhealthy Internet content. Have you ever used the Internet? If so, you've probably encountered all-embracing contents which exist in the real world. But unfortunately, many sociologists have pointed out that the Internet has become plague spot for countless pornographic, gambling and violent web sites. Obviously we will not reject Internet just for the flaws and how to protect our innocent children from unhealthy content on the Internet? Are you a Windows user? If so, NetGuarder WebCleaner is the way to handle this content censorship and brings the convenience of supervision to young Internet users. NetGuarder proprietary content filtering technology, ICIA (Information Classification Intelligent Ambiguity), guarantees a spotless cyberspace to Internet users.

This powerful software enables parents to supervise children's access to Internet web sites or pages and real- time filter the unhealthy content of web pages based on content levels and web sites. Of course, parents could access any web site without limit.

After installing WebCleaner, you can check the content filtering effect to unhealthy web sites. Here we give some sample web sites and declare those web sites are only used for testing. If you want more, please use search engine.

Some unhealthy web sites: (Note: Use Ctrl + F5 to check the latest web sites)



* Real-time web content filtering: WebCleaner features built-in support for web content filter. User can classify the content levels of sex, gambling and violent web sites or pages and always permit or forbid some appointed web sites. WebCleaner filters web content based on content levels and approved web sites.

* Real-time search engine result filtering: WebCleaner can filter the results of all search engine services. Mostly children find pornographic, gambling and violent web sites or pages with the help of search engine service. WebCleaner forbids this way by filtering the search results.

* Real-time supervision: WebCleaner supervises the Internet surfing online and submit real-time report when finding forbidden web site/page.

* Automatic self-protection: Vicious or unconscious deletion of WebCleaner application files and data cannot destroy WebCleaner radically. It intelligently protects itself and can restore itself automatically when necessary.

* Seamless Windows and Browser integration: WebCleaner includes tight integration with Microsoft Windows System and Internet Explorer. User can filter web content with easy configuration.

* Forbidden access history support: User can check the forbidden Internet access history according to web site, date time and forbidden reason.

* Hide Process and Interface: For Windows 95/98/ME users, WebCleaner can hide the process in process list. For all Windows users, Webcleaner can hide all associated interfaces, for example, product logo, tray icon and so on.

* Proxy support: WebCleaner supports accessing Internet through all kinds of proxy servers.

* Online update support: User can update WebCleaner online freely.

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