Treasure Vault 3D screensaver
Publisher: 3D ScreenSaver Downloads
Version: 2.1
License: Shareware
Price: $14.95
Operating Systems: Win95,Win98,WinME,WinXP,Windows2000,Windows2003
System Requirements: PII 233Mhz, 32Mb Video Mem, Win OS
File Size: 4.00 MB
Total Views: 2428
Total Downloads: 6
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Release Date: 9/19/2005
Last Update Date: 12/23/2010
Treasure Vault 3D screensaver Short Description:
Take the secret teleport gateway to the King's well-guarded treasure vault!
Treasure Vault 3D screensaver Long Description:
Find yourself in the King's well-guarded treasure vault filled with gold, silver, jewelry and various artifacts. Be careful not to awaken the sleeping dragon though or you may join some of the brave treasure hunters whose bodies serve as a grave reminder of what greed leads to.
This screensaver will turn your desktop into a secret teleport gateway to the most sacred place in the kingdom of far far away.
The fascinating 3D graphics makes it so real that you can almost feel the presence of the giant guardian and sense the heat of his breath. Do not worry though, he is fast asleep.
Want to get there? Then what are you waiting for? Download this screensaver now.
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