Stay Connected
Publisher: inKline Global, Inc.
Version: 4.01
License: Shareware
Trial Limitations: 21 Days
Price: $24.95
Operating Systems: Win95,Win98,WinME,WinNT 4.x,WinXP,Windows2000
System Requirements: Pentium processor, 8 MB RAM, 4 MB HDD
File Size: 1.81 MB
Total Views: 1353
Total Downloads: 2
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Release Date: 5/1/2002
Last Update Date: 9/19/2011
Stay Connected Short Description:
Tired of being cut-off while downloading or writing an email? Use Stay Connected
Stay Connected Long Description:
Tired of being cut-off while downloading or writing an email? As seen on ZD TV and PCWorld. Keep connected without ever being cut off. Stay Connected! can help solve all your disconnection problems. With multiple options to choose from, no matter how your ISP tries to disconnect you, you will never be knocked off! Stay Connected! simulates the surfing of a real person, so you can feel at ease grabbing a snack. Your ISP will never know that you were gone. Additional time-saver’s are Stay Connected!’s brand new dialer features like Auto Net-Sense, Auto Dialing, and Auto Connect. Stay Connected! brings the convenience of Cable Modem, Stay Connected! connects to your ISP when you boot-up, becomes active when it senses a connection and even redials in case your connection is dropped. Users of AOL and CompuServe even have additional features built-in that can close off all those irritating pop-up windows. With more than 2.5 million users, you can't go wrong with Stay Connected! Compatible with all ISPs worldwide including AOL, MSN, United Online, CompuServe, EarthLink. Keep connected without ever being cut off.
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