Simplicity for Palm OS® Platform (Palm OS)
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Simplicity for Palm OS® Platform (Palm OS)

Publisher: BigNet Store
Version: 1.0
License: Shareware
Price: $395.00
Operating Systems: WindowsCE,PocketPC
File Size: 1.00 MB
Total Views: 1088
Total Downloads: 0
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Release Date: 3/15/2012
Last Update Date: 3/15/2012
Simplicity for Palm OS® Platform (Palm OS) Short Description:
p align="left"The Simplicity for Java family of products, created by Data Repres
Simplicity for Palm OS® Platform (Palm OS) Long Description:

The Simplicity for Java family of products, created by Data Representations, are rapid application development (RAD) tools designed to allow programmers of all levels to harness the power of Java Technology.

Simplicity for Palm OS? Platform allows developers to build applications that run on Palm OS platform based handheld computers. These include handhelds from Palm, Handspring, IBM, Sony, and many other companies.

Key features of Simplicity for Palm OS Platform include:

  • Palm OS Simulator for Java Technology
  • Fast User Interface building
  • Code Sourcerer
  • Execution-on-the-Fly
  • Utilizes J9 Virtual Machine from IBM
  • Palm OS Platform Database simulation
  • Palm OS Platform IR Beaming simulation
  • Palm OS Platform TCP/IP simulation

Ease of Use
Most notable about the Simplicity for Java family of products is the ease of use they provide for both novice and advanced programmers. Simplicity presents the developer with a WYSIWYG interface for building applications. Creating the graphical user interface is as easy as clicking and dragging in Simplicity's Visual Composer environment. Simplicity writes all the code for the developer.

Code Sourcerer
Creating the code necessary to make the new application work is made simple by the Code Sourcerer. It interviews the user, in plain English, gathering the information needed to generate the correct code. Programmers need only choose the features they wish to incorporate into their program, and the software automatically generates the code. Thus, the Visual Composer and Code Sourcerer make short work of creating complex applications. Beginning programmers become powerful programmers, and advanced users become more productive.

Another feature that increases productivity is Execution-on-the-fly, allowing programmers to see the effects of their code before compiling. As code is generated, the application changes correspondingly. Users have found this to be one of the most useful features in Simplicity for Java, as it speeds both development and the debugging process.

Palm OS Platform Simulator for Java Technology
Simplicity for Palm OS Platform includes a simulator in which developers can build and test their Java Technology enabled applications for the Palm OS platform. Developers can use any of the Java enabled features on the Palm OS platform to build applications, and the application will perform the same way in both the simulator, and when deployed to an actual Palm OS platform based handheld computer. These features include:

J9 Virtual Machine Simplicity for Palm OS Platform utilizes the J9 Virtual machine from IBM that gives users a fast interpreter and JNI implementation. The VM also contains a SmartLinker, to remove unneeded classes, methods and fields from your application and class libraries. This combined with its advanced garbage collection makes it one of the fastest VMs available for the Palm OS platform.

Database simulation The Palm OS platform includes a sequential record database for persistent storage. Simplicity for Palm OS Platform gives the developer a complete simulation of this environment, as well as direct access to the stored data for ease of debugging and testing.

IR Beaming simulation Simplicity for Palm OS Platform can simulate both send and receive Infrared Beaming of data using a clipboard approach. Multiple Palm OS platform based applications can beam data to each other in the simulator using this shared clipboard. The developer also has direct access to the clipboard to facilitate debugging and testing.

TCP/IP simulation Simplicity's Palm OS Simulator offers ful

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