Registry Cleanup
Publisher: ahisoft
Version: Trial
License: Shareware
Price: $29.95
Operating Systems: Windows 95/98/ME,Windows NT/2000,Windows XP,Windows NT/2000/2003/SBS2003,Windows Vista,Windows 7
File Size: 9.37 MB
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Release Date: 10/17/2012
Last Update Date: 10/17/2012
Registry Cleanup Short Description:
Computer crashes and errors are mostly caused by errors in the Windows registry.
Registry Cleanup Long Description:
Computer, crashes and errors not only make you feel frustrated but also can prevent you from doing work normally. They are annoying and everybody wants keep away from the troublesome. Many times, dont know why they happen and how to fix them. Are you going to send your computer o shop? Stop here and try to fix it yourself.

So, why is your computer slow? Whether you are suffering from a slow computer or you are getting mysterious errors, the most likely cause is crash in the Windows registry.

The registry is the core which known as the system database restores all settings, options, configurations and preferences that are required for it to function. Then you can see how important it is. The chances of a registry to be behind the problems on your system are quite high. Do you know that a few small problems in the registry can cause major harm to your computer? And, in reality its not just a few small problems that exist, you have a combination of both small and big problems within the registry that have the capability to stall your system and leave you helpless.
Therefore, the most important task for speeding up your PC is to repair registry errors. Registry cleaning mainly solves problems like rundll errors, Blue screen, computer freezing, slow system performance, slow computer boot, etc.

There are many causes of registry errors, incorrect installation and uninstallation of applications, file downloads, frequent changes in system and network configurations, and almost all other tasks you perform daily on your computer. Many people install so many programs and software on their computers that they are bound to cause registry conflicts, registry bloating due to the accumulation of a large number of unwanted information, and severe registry damage.
Registry cleanup tool is the best software to safely clean registry. Registry cleanup tool a high-performance detection algorithm that will quickly identify missing and invalid references in your Windows registry. With a few easy steps it will scan your entire Windows registry for any invalid or obsolete entries and provide a list of the registry errors found. After that you can choose to clean list items with selection or automatically repair them all.
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