ListGrabber Standard
Publisher: eGrabber Inc.
Version: 4.0_B42
License: Shareware
Price: $249.95
Operating Systems: Windows NT/2000,Windows XP,Windows Vista
System Requirements: 128 MB RAM, 60 MB hard disk free space
File Size: 0.18 MB
Total Views: 1029
Total Downloads: 2
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Release Date: 9/23/2012
Last Update Date: 9/23/2012
ListGrabber Standard Short Description:
Quickest way to capture name, address, email, etc. from the Internet
ListGrabber Standard Long Description:
ListGrabber is the fastest and easiest way to pull contacts and prospect lists from the Internet. You can use it to capture names, addresses, email, phone, etc. from Webpages, Emails and Documents and transfer them into Microsoft Outlook, ACT!, GoldMine, Excel and Other Contact Management software. You can also use it to export (as .csv) to, Jigsaw, Bullhorn, prohire, Salesnet, Autotask, Thunderbird, Outlook Express, Yahoo and many others using our inbuilt Export Maps.

If you are tired of copying contact details from thousands of web pages and pasting them one by one then, ListGrabber is a handy tool that will help you to extract and import contact lists right into your database with a single click of your mouse. ListGrabber is a powerful sales lead generation software that captures business leads - name, address, phone, email, etc - from Online directories (such as yellowpages, superpages) chambers of commerce listings, membership lists, etc and enters them into an Excel sheet or any other database.

You can use ListGrabber to build your own list of prospects, to whom you can market your services or products. Use our sales and marketing software to capture lead lists/ prospect lists into your address book or contact manager (ACT!, Outlook, Excel, GoldMine, etc.)

Use ListGrabber to generate sales leads and business leads on your own. You can capture 1000's of sales leads and business leads from online directories in mere seconds. Now you will be able to generate sales leads faster, make more business contacts and be productive like never before. Improve your connect time with prospects and increase your sales conversion ratio. Download a free trial of ListGrabber today and discover how our lead generation software helps in improving your business.

ListGrabber is useful in the following areas:
- Business lead/ Sales lead generation.
- Internet Mortgage Lead Generation.
- Online Lead Generation in general.

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