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Interest Group Maker

Publisher: HiFlyTech Inc.
Version: 2.1
License: Commercial
Price: $99.00
Operating Systems: Windows2000,Unix,Linux
System Requirements: Windows 2000/XP, Linux, Unix
File Size: 0.02 MB
Total Views: 1354
Total Downloads: 0
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Release Date: 2/22/2003
Last Update Date: 2/26/2006
Interest Group Maker Short Description:
Interest Group Maker - full package for community site development...
Interest Group Maker Long Description:
Interest Group Maker distinguishes itself from other similar software products due to its flexibility and individuality. Modules edition gives customers the possibility to create e-community practically themselves by selecting the modules which are necessary to their particular online community. # Community Core The Community Core module is the base one. The program operates exactly due to it. He given module is used to administer all core features of the program. Community Core makes it possible for you to be the complete owner of online community. It gives the possibility to manage all the groups of your community (for instance if you have photo community you may divide your members into many groups such as "nature photographers", "extreme photographers", "animal and insects photographers", "professional shoot", "photo amateurs", etc). Community Core also allows you to manage additional modules (chat, forums, daily articles etc.). You may remove them, add them, edit and manage depending on the possibilities you want to submit to your members consideration. Last but not least the base module allows to manage your community members. That is edit, add, remove as well. Community Core Module is called so due to its possibility to administer the rest of additional modules offered for you to select. It is responsible for their management and you can't do without this module. It's the base, the rest is additional. Besides it consists of 2 levels of administrators: A super administrator and a module one. The former has more power and possibilities in managing your community the latter has less possibilities but his main responsibility is additional modules managing.
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