Publisher: Burgiona Softlaborejo
Version: 1.0
License: Shareware
Trial Limitations: 30 days
Price: $17.50
Operating Systems: Windows XP,Windows Vista,Windows 7
System Requirements: 27.3MB of free disk space
File Size: 1.00 MB
Total Views: 1268
Total Downloads: 1
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Release Date: 10/3/2012
Last Update Date: 10/3/2012
Foliaro Short Description:
Foliaro is a hierarchically structured notebook with a web browser integrated.
Foliaro Long Description:
Foliaro is a hierarchically structured notebook with a web browser integrated. This tool is particularly useful for collecting and organizing information on the web. You can use it as a usual web browser, and capture articles, images, maps and anything else on the web to paste them to Foliaro files. Of course, you can import anything from other browsers by Drag and Drop or by Copy and Paste. Foliaro features with hyperlinks, with which you can open various documents, or run executable programs from within the Foliaro file. The data are compressed to make smaller files, and you can protect your private data by encryption.

But the usage of this tool is not limited to organizing web info, but almost unlimited; for instance, just to jot down ideas, or for recipe, photo albums, diary, TODO list, reports, theses, story outline, and so on. With Foliao you can write smart articles with the easy-to-use WYSIWYG HTML editor.

Key Features:
* WYSIWYG Editor (in HTML format; styles and templates are available)
* Capturing articles, images, etc. on the Web (paste and edit them on Foliaro)
* Hyperlinks can open web pages and various local files, and run executable programs.
* Bookmarks can also open web pages and files directly from navigator.
* Remember passwords for log-in sites.
* 2 types of outliners: 2-pane (Navigator+Article) and 1-pane (inside the Article pane)
* Searching the whole file to reach the target quickly.
* Encrypting texts and images to protect your private data.
* Classification (Grouping articles)
* Free layout; Multiple tabs; Read-only windows
* Simple diary
* Exporting articles to HTML files
* File compression
* Printing
* Web history
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