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Release Date: 1/1/2011
Last Update Date: 8/20/2011
Drum online player Short Description:
Drums online game. Play drums with a mouse or keyboard.
Drum online player Long Description:
Drums online game. Play drums with a mouse or keyboard.

See and play quick this new, wonderful and unique online Drums player game! Play drums with the help of your mouse or keyboard.

This Virtual Drums computer game is very simple. You can play melodies on drums, cymbals, hats online! Master your virtual drum machine right away! Click drums and hats with your mouse, or use keyboard buttons (they are written on all drums). When you strike a key or click your mouse button, a sound is played. If you wish, you may reconfigure keys' correspondence to certain drums by pressing the Keys button. You have a real drum kit with different sounds.

With our drum computer game, you can now easily play and record drum tunes online using your mouse or keyboard. You can record your melody and re-play it afterwards. It's one of the best music online games! It is also a good online ear trainer, develops ability to identify single pinches and chords, recognize different melodic and harmonic intervals, remember different rhythmic patterns. It is a really useful and interesting game for both kids and adults who love drums and want to learn music. Learning drum playing online will amuse you and greatly improve your musical skills. Please enjoy this simple and funny game!
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