Diskeeper 2009 HomeServer Single License (Español)
Diskeeper 2009 HomeServer Single License (Español) icon

Diskeeper 2009 HomeServer Single License (Español)

Publisher: Diskeeper LAT
Version: 1.0
License: Shareware
Price: $87.44
Operating Systems: Windows NT/2000
File Size: 1.00 MB
Total Views: 609
Total Downloads: 0
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Release Date: 10/14/2012
Last Update Date: 10/14/2012
Diskeeper 2009 HomeServer Single License (Español) Short Description:
Diskeeper 2009 HomeServer is top-speed cruise control for Windows Home Server
Diskeeper 2009 HomeServer Single License (Español) Long Description:
Diskeeper 2009 HomeServer edition is essential to achieve consistently maximum system performance and reliability for your Windows® Home Server (WHS). Fragmented hard drives drain critical system resources and compromise almost every aspect of daily computer use, leading to longer load times, persistent lags and costly crashes.
Diskeeper 2009 HomeServer elevates system performance, debugging fragmentation-based problems as they occur, without ever compromising vital system resources, even when the whole family is connected to the computer.
The Breakthrough Of InvisiTasking®
InvisiTasking's true transparent, background processing technology allows Diskeeper 2009 to defragment your computer in real-time, eliminating the need for cumbersome maintenance operations. Youll never need to log in to your Windows Home Server to manage fragmentation again.
Terabyte Volume Engine (TVE)
Now available in Diskeeper HomeServer 2009: the Terabyte Volume Engine including sophisticated advanced technology that will quickly defragment large drives and volumes found on todays powerful home servers.
The remarkable Terabyte Volume Engine (TVE). TVE is the only defrag technology with the necessary horsepower to eliminate the rapid fragmentation build-up that occurs in high-traffic volumes that handles millions of files.
Increase Windows Home Server Reliability
Your Windows Home Server will run faster with Diskeeper 2009 installedperiod. Hang-times, freeze-ups and other fragmentation-based crashes on your Home Server affect every other PC and laptop in your home. Fragment-free drives will ensure your gigabyte-sized movies stream to your video screen without a hitch.
Diskeeper 2009 HomeServer: Its a must-have.
Server performance is a first priority issue. Diskeeper 2009 HomeServer is the first solution that allows you keep it defragmented in real-time, regardless of work load, without setting a defrag schedule and without competing for system resources. Diskeeper can take on your largest Home Sever volumes and drives and ensure they are fragmentation free. Best of all, youll find Diskeeper can extend the effective life of your server as much as 3 years!
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