Bubble Bobble Nostalgie Mac Edition
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Bubble Bobble Nostalgie Mac Edition

Publisher: Exclusive Games
Version: 1.0
License: Shareware
Price: $14.95
Operating Systems: OS X - Macintosh
System Requirements: Mac OS X 10.3.9-10.4, G4 400Mhz, Video 16Mb
File Size: 1.00 MB
Total Views: 1416
Total Downloads: 0
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Release Date: 11/8/2012
Last Update Date: 11/8/2012
Bubble Bobble Nostalgie Mac Edition Short Description:
Amazing adventures of little dragons in the magic world
Bubble Bobble Nostalgie Mac Edition Long Description:
On each stage you play one or pair of little dragons against enemies. These dragons can blow bubbles to catch enemies inside. After that you should jump on bubble with an enemy trapped inside and pop them! To increase your score you should pick up items: fruits, vegetables, diamonds, jewels etc. You can also pick up some items to make your journey easy. These items are called "bonuses". They appear on stages after some events. Some of them increase speed, range of bubbles' firing, others give you a chance to get more score points or extra lives. On some stages you can pop special bubbles that appear from holes in the top or/and bottom of stage. These special bubbles will help you to destroy monsters in different ways.

Your goal is to defeat the Mad Sorcerer (first episode - stage with 1 on 100) and the Ghost (second episode - stage with 101 on 200). The Mad Sorcerer is located on 100th level. The Ghost is located on 200th level. Various monsters on each level will try to stop you, so your journey will not be so easy.

Full version features:

- No nag screen reminder

- 200 levels

- Hot-seat multiplayer

- Secret levels after 20, 30 and 40 stages

- Level passwords

- Various monsters and 100+ bonuses

- Non-violent and funny gameplay for all ages
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