BEE Adventure DEMO
Publisher: Dmitry Ivanou
Version: 1
License: Shareware
Price: $2.99
Operating Systems: Windows XP,Windows Vista,Windows 7
System Requirements: OS: Windows 2000/ XP/ Vista/ 7 CPU: Pentium 1000Mhz (or equivalent) RAM: at least 512Mb Hard Drive space: 150Mb Video Card: Direct3D compatible 3D-graphics card with 64Mb
File Size: 69.12 MB
Total Views: 373
Total Downloads: 1
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Release Date: 10/26/2012
Last Update Date: 10/26/2012
BEE Adventure DEMO Short Description:
Pollinate the flowers! Collect honey and gold medals! Restore the hive!
BEE Adventure DEMO Long Description:
Trouble. The hurricane destroyed the hive.

All bees are busy and restoring the hive but without honey they won't survive and they chose the most courageous and fastest bees to collect honey.

You're one of those bees!

Pollinate gray flowers restoring their color and collect honey bonus points from the targets above the flowers.

BEE Adventure

Collect additional honey from sunflowers, apples and wild strawberries.

The more honey you collect the faster the hive will be restored. When you have finished each level you can see how much the beehive has been restored and how much honey you have gathered.

BEE Adventure

To pollinate the flowers use the pollen gun.

Just shoot the gray flowers and they will pollinate, but that's not all. The more honey you collect the more powerful your pollen gun will become. And you will be able to pollinate the flowers with a single shot!

When you have finished each level you can see just how powerful your pollen gun is.

Pollen in the basic pollen gun (in the left hand of the bees) - is infinite but for the enhanced pollen gun (in the right hand of the bees) you must collect special bonuses. These bonuses are located above some of the mushrooms.

BEE Adventure

Various insects will interfere with your honey gathering trying to pollute your collection with poisonous pollen. In case of contact with the poisonous pollen you lose a small portion of the collected honey. The more the insects sting you the less honey you will bring to the hive. Be careful!

BEE Adventure

Also some honey is lost when coming into contact with cobwebs and poisonous mushrooms and plants as well as with the aggressive insect pests.

Some insects can even destroy flowers! Destroyed flowers can not make honey.

BEE Adventure

Use your pollen gun against aggressive insects and poisonous plants! After a few hits those insects will fall asleep or will fly away in fear and the poisonous plants will be destroyed and will not cause any harm.

After falling asleep some insects may emit pollen for your enhanced pollen gun. Do not forget to collect it!

BEE Adventure

For outstanding achievements in the game you will receive a gold medal: "Expert Shot", "Best Honey Collector" and "Best Pollinator".

Forward! On to the honey!
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