uBlaster Pro - Lifetime + 1 Year Track Service
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uBlaster Pro - Lifetime + 1 Year Track Service

Publisher: Best Email Corporation
Version: V7.5.4
License: Shareware
Price: $159.00
Operating Systems: Windows 95/98/ME,Windows NT/2000,Windows XP,Windows NT/2000/2003/SBS2003,Windows Vista
System Requirements: 1).Operating System: Microsoft® Windows® 7, Windows Vista® (All Editions), XP (All Editions), 2000 2).Processor: Pentium (recommended - Pentium 2 or better) 3).Memory: 512mb (recommended - 128mb or
File Size: 10.67 MB
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Total Downloads: 0
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Release Date: 10/23/2012
Last Update Date: 10/23/2012
uBlaster Pro - Lifetime + 1 Year Track Service Short Description:
Email Blaster,Track Service,Maillist Manager,Sub/Unsubscrible and Validate Email
uBlaster Pro - Lifetime + 1 Year Track Service Long Description:

Need to send emails and track email status? Want to send HTML emails,Multi-Threaded newsletters and email marketing campaigns? - You have found the best place!You can accomplish these tasks with ease.Easy to Send Highly Personalized HTML Email Newsletters!

uBlaster,the product is an Easy to use,Fast & Flexible Email Marketing Software for companies,e-zine publishers and professionals,as well as individuals,to communicate with their customers,subscribers,and other email contacts effectively.With uBlaster bulk email software you can design rich HTML emails(Flash,Images,Attachments,Web Page,Preview),newsletters,and e-zines easily,and deliver personalized email messages to your customer base and mailing lists.

1.Powerfulk Bulk Email Sender:Multiple threads with multiple tasks sending in the same time;
2.All-sided Email Track Service Statistic:Email read report,hyperlink clicked record,export all the reports completely;
3.Powerful Maillist Management Center:manage your recipients list,remove duplicates and invalid email address automatically;
4.Email Sub/Unsubscrible:know your customers interested in your email correctly,invoid the spam or blacklist issue;
5.Schedule Email,Send email at the pointed time;
6.Import/Export and Verify Email list:import email list easily and make sure all the email address are valid;
7.The high success and delivery rate:100% delivery rate and 90% inbox rate;
8.Multiple Tasks Start in the same time:send different emails to different recipients in the same time;
9.Stop-protected-keep sending:send and pause send email anytime,won't send the duplicate emails;
10.Multifunctional Send Parameter:thread,Reply Mailbox,Sender Name setting,Stated emails at the pointed time and so on;
11.Update freely guarantee;
12.24/7 Online Support provide perfect email marketing solutions.

All of them are made up of the uBlaster Bulk Email Sender software,if you are interested in it,just come and tryout it please!We are always trying to supply more service for you,and expecting you will share our product together.

Why uBlaster over other mass mailing software?

uBlaster is feature-rich, flexible, yet amazingly easy to operate. You don't need to be a rocket scientist or understand too much computer jargon; Best mass mailing software smartly turns complex things simple.

Consider these features that our competitors' software lacks or that are implemented in clumsy ways:

1. No limit of recipients & sender addresses number;
2. Easy,fast and effective,affordable,economical;
3. Personalized and unique email content;
4. Powerful email track service statistic;
5. The high success rate of sending emails;
6. Email address validate;
7. Import and export email address expediently;
8. Mail list management;
9. Subscribe/unsubscribe email address;
10. 24*7 support ...
11.Email marketing sultions provider;
12.Upgrade software to new version twice per month.

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