eTraining - Practical introduction to BSC
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eTraining - Practical introduction to BSC

Publisher: AKS-Labs
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Release Date: 10/29/2012
Last Update Date: 10/29/2012
eTraining - Practical introduction to BSC Short Description:
Practical introduction to BSC
eTraining - Practical introduction to BSC Long Description:
The training is a practical introduction into the Balanced Scorecard design, implementation and usage. Training includes basic information on Balanced Scorecard and is aimed on investors, CEOs, top managers interested in using Balanced Scorecard concept. The training includes 50 minutes of training video.

* We start from basic discussions about what is Balanced Scorecard and why management of company need this method, what are its benefits;

* Why measurement of financial indicators is not enough today and how to involve people in your real business goals using Balanced Scorecard;

* Training shows the basic ideas about Balanced Scorecard design and implementation, giving overview of principles that balanced scorecard specialist should follow;

* Practical part reviews step-by-step how can business address problems and opportunities with Balanced Scorecard;

* We show how the key performance indicators appears, analyzed and checked. Typical problems we indicators are reviewed in details;

* Finally, training shows how to check if Balanced Scorecard is works for your company, what results to expect and how to improve business performance.

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