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AltDesk (Gladiators Software)
Virtual Desktop Manager for Windows 9x/XP/Vista, skins supported
Price: $15.00
2777 3 Not Yet Rated
Tropical Island Escape (Isotope 244 Computer Games)
Relax in style on your own tropical island and listen to the gentle ocean waves.
Price: $14.95
2777 13 Not Yet Rated
AlfaClock (AlfaSoft Research Labs)
AlfaClock is a handy taskbar clock with powerful capabilities and stylish design
Price: $0.00
2777 4 Not Yet Rated
Pirates Ship 3D Screensaver (Digital Minds Software)
Explore the depths of the underwater world of the great Caribbean sea.
Price: $9.95
2775 12 Not Yet Rated
3D Formula 1 Screensaver (Astro Gemini Software)
Catch the real spirit of the hot Formula One battles with this 3D screensaver!
Price: $9.95
2770 7 Not Yet Rated
DTgrafic Bus Stop 2 (DTgrafic GmbH)
Hang around a bus stop in any large city and you never know what will happen.
Price: $18.90
2768 1 Not Yet Rated
GYRODROME Screensaver (Xander Zerge)
Conceptually simple but beautiful and attracting 3D animation screensaver
Price: $14.95
2768 12 Not Yet Rated
Mars 3D Space Tour (FP Software lab.)
Realistic 3D animated Mars views from space. Amazing orbital tour.
Price: $15.95
2763 8 Not Yet Rated
7art Galaxy ScreenSaver (7art-screensavers)
Photos of different objects in the Universe made mainly by Hubble telescope.
Price: $19.95
2763 1 Not Yet Rated
Fish Aquarium 3D Screensaver (Astro Gemini Software)
A beautiful 3D aquarium with elegant exotic fish and realistic swaying plants.
Price: $9.95
2761 15 Not Yet Rated
Autumn Time 3D Screensaver (Digital Minds Software)
Take a deep breath and smell the lush aroma of an autumn forest.
Price: $9.95
2758 4 Not Yet Rated
MP3 Pizza Timer (Wave Digital Studios GmbH)
MP3-PizzaTimer is a Timer that counts down and plays your favourite music.
Price: $0.00
2756 5 Not Yet Rated
ViVi Ripple (ViVi Image Team)
ViVi Ripple make your desktop come alive with ripple water and mouse effects
Price: $19.90
2750 6 Not Yet Rated
Valentine's Day 3D Screensaver (Astro Gemini Software)
Set the right mood for this adorable holiday celebrating love and devotion.
Price: $9.95
2742 1 Not Yet Rated
Forest World 3D Screensaver (Digital Minds Software)
Let your screen take you away to a quite place in the forest.
Price: $9.95
2739 4 Not Yet Rated
3D Alien Clock ScreenSaver (
Innovative Alien Time Factory aimed to produce high quality time!
Price: $19.95
2737 15 Not Yet Rated
Solar System 3D Screensaver (Astro Gemini Software)
This screensaver is an outstanding 3D model of the solar system!
Price: $9.95
2736 10 Not Yet Rated
Fish Aquarium 3D Screensaver (Astro Gemini Software)
A beautiful 3D aquarium with elegant exotic fish and realistic swaying plants.
Price: $9.95
2734 4 Not Yet Rated
Amaze (Xequte Software)
Photo and Multimedia Screen Saver with Transition Effects
Price: $19.50
2732 4 Not Yet Rated
Baroque Art Screensaver 800 Paintings (Fine Art Screensavers for Home & Office)
Baroque and Rococo Art Screensaver, Over 800 Paintings by more than 100 Artists.
Price: $9.00
2731 9 Not Yet Rated
ABF Wallpaper Changer (ABF software, Inc.)
Vary your desktop with cool wallpapers and useful calendars
Price: $24.95
2722 2 Not Yet Rated
Leonardo da Vinci Art Screensaver - 135 Paintings, Frescoes & Drawings in One Screensaver (Fine Art Screensavers for the Home and Office LLC)
Painter, engineer, inventor, anatomist, architect, botanist, musician & writer.
Price: $2.25
2717 11 Not Yet Rated
16x16 Pixel Toolbar Icons (
16 x 16 Pixel Toolbar Icons pack will instantly refine your toolbar.
Price: $19.95
2715 1 Not Yet Rated
GraFX Saver Pro (CDH Productions)
Create and distribute screen savers using images, video, audio, and effects!
Price: $75.00
2705 2 Not Yet Rated
3D Matrix Screensaver: the Endless Corridors (3D ScreenSaver Downloads)
This will give you a chance to get an inside look at the way the Matrix works.
Price: $19.95
2699 11 Not Yet Rated
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  • AD Butterflies - Animated 3D Wallpaper
  • Radar Screensaver
  • AD Midnight Fire - Animated Desktop Wallpaper
  • AD Mystery Forest - Animated Desktop Wallpaper
  • AD Amazing Waterfall - Animated Wallpaper
  • AD Valentine Day - Animated Desktop Wallpaper
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