Winmail Mail Server (Standard Edition 12 users)
Winmail Mail Server (Standard Edition 12 users) icon

Winmail Mail Server (Standard Edition 12 users)

Publisher: AMAX Engineering Corporation
Version: 1.0
License: Shareware
Price: $129.00
Operating Systems: Windows NT/2000,Windows XP,Windows NT/2000/2003/SBS2003,Windows Vista,Windows 7
File Size: 1.00 MB
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Release Date: 8/15/2016
Last Update Date: 8/15/2016
Winmail Mail Server (Standard Edition 12 users) Short Description:
a professional grade Internet mail server designed for small businesses and grea
Winmail Mail Server (Standard Edition 12 users) Long Description:
a professional grade Internet mail server designed for small businesses and great for large multi-branched corporations. Winmail provides support for SMTP, POP3, IMAP, LDAP, WebMail, anti-virus, multiple domains, SMTP authentication, remote administrative control, spam filtering, mailbox quotas, mail groups, mail routing, mailbox monitor features.

> Support for popular mail client software like: Outlook Express, Outlook, Netscape, Eudora etc.

> Multi languages and Hotmail-like webmail support which allows users to register a new account, write, send, and receive mails in a web browser.

> Anti-Virus mail function includes: API plugin, supporting polular Anti-Virus engines and setup of multiple Anti-Virus

> Broadband: DSL,ISDN,Cable Modem,DDN,LAN.

> IMAP support.

> LDAP support allows remote clients to search public contacts.

> ESMTP support.

> Supports for multiple domains

> Supports Mail Signing. The manager maybe accept or reject the request when one user send mail to other domain or local domain.

> Option to use NT authentication.

> The new initialized wizard tool enables the user to setup in just one minute.

> Support multiple administrators and independent domain administrator.

> Support WebMail setup as a virtual directory or a separate site of IIS or PWS.

> Administrator remote control function via SSL protocol.

> Groups and mailing lists function

> Support for POP3 and ETRN mail gateway.

> Spammer address filter by IP address and or Domain name.

> The email server software RBL support.

> Supports DNS cache.

> Supports the conversion of MS-TNEF (winmail.dat) attachemnt into MIME message.

> Scheduler task.

> Supports mailbox monitor and backup functions.

> Real-time server monitoring and status.

> Multiple thread design, satisfying mass accounts usage.

> System failure recovery that prevent mail lost, complication conflict, and deadlock.

> Allows multiple users on your LAN to enjoy e-mail access through a single connection.

> Email server system log.

> Supports both true domain name and non domain name.

> Full support for both static and dynamic IP address.

> Support system backup and restore.

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