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Publisher: whytouch
Version: 3.1
License: Shareware
Price: $29.90
Operating Systems: Windows XP,Windows Vista,Windows 7
System Requirements: Office 2003 or above installed
File Size: 3.85 MB
Total Views: 573
Total Downloads: 3
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Release Date: 10/13/2012
Last Update Date: 7/30/2016
TouchShow Short Description:
A super cool presentation tool. TouchShow makes your presentatoin a wonder!
TouchShow Long Description:
Give your audiences a shock!
TouchShow plays common PPT file in a totally different way. To highlight texts at any time, to manipulate pictures or media shapes freely, rotate and scale them, to mark arbitrarily only if you want .
TouchShow discards original ugly image and text effects and replaces them with unexpected cool transitions, which make the presentation vivid.
TouchShow extends ppt and supports using flash swf animation in ppt. The moving background, lively elements on the page must deeply impress your audiences.
In the profession version, TouchShow makes one ppt page a huge data container. Many pictures can be shown one by one in one shape so that you can explain complex data in a easy way.

Further more, in addition to a presentation tool, TouchShow (the profession version) can save your presentation as screensaver and publish your presentation on the web.
TouchShow (touch version) supports win7 multi touch. However, you need to have a multitouch enabled machine. We also provide 21.5 10 points multi touch lcd monitors. If needed, send your inquiry to

System Requirements:
. Windows Xp or the above
. Office 2003 or the above
Android and iPad version will be released soon.
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