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Publisher: Tinysoar
Version: 1.6
License: Shareware
Price: $24.95
Operating Systems: Windows NT/2000,Windows XP,Windows NT/2000/2003/SBS2003,Windows Vista
File Size: 4.50 MB
Total Views: 654
Total Downloads: 0
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Release Date: 9/8/2012
Last Update Date: 7/20/2016
Tinysoar dvd to windows mobile converter Short Description:
copy dvd movie to windows mobile formats
Tinysoar dvd to windows mobile converter Long Description:
Tinysor dvd to windows mobile converter can copy dvd movie or dvd catoons to windows mobile phone such as dopod phone and pocket pc such as Dell Axim formats, including ASF, WMV, MPEG4, H264 etc.

main functions:

rip dvd to pocket pc video with desired language and subtitle
rip dvd soundtrack to pocket pc wma, aac or mp3 audio formats


* One click converts dvd to windows mobile video or audio formats
* Intuitive user interface, easy to operate for novice.
* WYSWYG preview window to preview the convert result
* Set start/stop point to get only portion of the video
* Preview window displays currently video frames when encoding
* Multicore/MultiCPU are supported to achieve best converting quality and speed
* Many predefined converting profile to fit different needs
* Multi-languages are supported and will be automatically detected
* Best video and audio quality and smallest file size possible
* Advanced settings for experts to get best result.
* Built-in encoding and decoding engine, no third party component required.
* Exact digital ripping from dvd, restore maximum video content from scratched dvd.
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