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Publisher: YB Publishing Company
Version: 1.0
License: Shareware
Price: $9.95
Operating Systems: Windows 95/98/ME
System Requirements: All Windows OS
File Size: 1.00 MB
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Release Date: 9/29/2012
Last Update Date: 9/29/2012
Sonic OptIn Software Short Description:
Here's The Secret To Growing Your Opt-In List Fas!
Sonic OptIn Software Long Description:
How many times have you heard, "The money is in the list!" -- at least once or twice?

The problem is that building a list takes time, and building a targeted list takes even more time! But a technique was developed a while back that some top marketers have been using to filter out the "tire kickers" and build a targeted list -- all at the same time.

Jonathan Mizel calls it a "Name Squeeze(tm)" page -- Alex Mandossian calls it a "shy yes" page. In essence it's a "forced opt-in" page.

You require a prospect to give you their name and email address before giving them more information. Yes, before they even get to see the sales copy!

Common Sense Out The Window!

Yes, common sense says that if you require someone to give their contact information you'll make fewer sales. In fact, if you listen to certain people on the marketing forums you'd think *nobody* gives their info in order to read a sales letter.

But they're absolutely wrong. 100% wrong, no matter how much they bluster and shout. Here's what actually happens...

1. People come to your opt-in page and see what you're offering -- more information, free ebook, special report, etc.

2. Tire kickers go away because they don't want to give up their contact info. But people who really are interested in the subject know it's a good trade.

3. Fewer people end up reading your sales letter, but the ones who do are prequalified and so your conversion rate actually increases.

The net result is that your number of sales stays about the same or is slightly higher -- and your list grows *very* fast! And you know the people on that list are really interested in the subject matter.

Here's Where Sonic Opt-In Comes In

Sonic Opt-In is a piece of software that lets you fill in some blank fields and in just four steps you'll generate a complete forced opt-in page.

But that's not all...

...Sonic Opt-In also does something really cool. Something that will increase your conversions as well as make your list grow faster.

Personalizing a sales letter is a proven way to increase your sales. And since you're already obtaining the prospects name, why not use it in your sales letter?

For example, at the beginning of this letter you saw "Dear [fname]" instead of "Dear Friend." That was done using the personalization feature in Sonic Opt-In.

Here are some of the main features of Sonic Opt-In:

Steps 1 through 4 create your opt-in page, then only 2 steps to get it up and running on your site!

Audio can be included in your opt-in page -- a special control is included. You can also choose whether the audio is autostart or manual start.

Would you like a series of bullets in your copy? (These things you're reading now are bullets.) Special bullet editor allows you to include as many as you like!

The prospects name and email are required.

People who have already opted in are taken automatically to your sales page -- no getting stuck behind the opt-in page again!

Prospect can be taken to a special page targeted exactly to their interests.

Depending on the prospects answers, subscribe them to different autoresponders. Now you can create sub-niche lists with ease!

Personalize your sales page -- when you use the prospect's first name in your copy it increases conversions, [fname]. (insert grin here)

Use one of the built-in HTML templates or create your own.

Works with Aweber, Get Response, 1 Shopping Cart, Email Aces, etc., most of the major autoresponder services. Just requires the ability to subscribe to a list via an email address.

Even works without an autoresponder account for people who are just interested in the personalization feature.
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