Publisher: Eterlogic Software
Version: 2.02
License: Shareware
Trial Limitations: Only one virtual disk can be mounted. Only one hidden subcontainer can be created.
Price: $0.00
Operating Systems: WinXP,Windows2000,Windows2003,Windows Vista Ultimate,Windows Vista Ultimate x64
System Requirements: No special requirements
File Size: 2.66 MB
Total Views: 1811
Total Downloads: 2
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Release Date: 6/9/2008
Last Update Date: 10/12/2011
SecretDrive Short Description:
FREE encrypted virtual disks manager
SecretDrive Long Description:
SecretDrive is a FREE, small and reliable program that allows you to create up to 16 encrypted virtual disks. SecretDrive provides transparent on-the-fly data encryption by one of five modern encryption algorithms. Encrypted flash drive container support. Algorithms: AES (Rijndael), Blowfish, Twofish, CAST 256.

Key features: strong "on the fly" data encryption by one of five modern encryption algorithms, simultaneous work with up to 16 virtual disks, RAM disk support, optional creation of up to 4
hidden disks in an existing one, backup and restore secret disk header, encryption/decryption of files, simple and intuitive user interface. SecretDrive provides built-in wipe manager, text encrypter and passwords generator tool.
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2) Free Virtual Serial Ports Emulator

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