SWF to ScreenSaver
Publisher: bullrushsoft
Version: 1.1
License: Shareware
Price: $29.00
Operating Systems: Windows NT/2000,Windows XP,Windows NT/2000/2003/SBS2003,Windows Vista,Windows 7,Windows 8
File Size: 1.12 MB
Total Views: 895
Total Downloads: 0
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Release Date: 8/13/2016
Last Update Date: 8/13/2016
SWF to ScreenSaver Short Description:
swf to scr, flash to screensaver
SWF to ScreenSaver Long Description:
Bullrushsoft SWF to ScreenSaver is a smart and easy-to-use wizard-like tool that enables the creation of ScreenSaver file from SWF Flash files.
With the help of this friendly tool you may easily compile licensed, stand-alone ScreenSaver of any SWF files.
Use it to protect the copyright of your SWF movie or to turn your SWF projects or presentations into a single window's ScreenSaver. You may also easily customize your product's information.

Features and benefits:
*Convert your SWF project or presentations into a windows screensaver.
*Customize product and copyright information of your screensaver.
*Runing in memory really, read-to-run, no temporary files produced, SWF files more secure.
*Pack and compress one SWF file with multiple related files into a single ScreenSaver.
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