SWF to EXE Commercial Converter

SWF to EXE Commercial Converter

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Publisher: bullrushsoft
Version: 1.0
License: Shareware
Price: $79.00
Operating Systems: Windows XP,Windows NT/2000/2003/SBS2003,Windows Vista,Windows 7
System Requirements: Pentium II 450MHz, 64M memory or above, Flash Player
File Size: 1.00 MB
Total Views: 808
Total Downloads: 0
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Release Date: 10/16/2012
Last Update Date: 10/16/2012
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SWF to EXE Commercial Converter Short Description:
swf to exe; flash to executable file
SWF to EXE Commercial Converter Long Description:
Bullrushsoft SWF to EXE Converter is a smart and easy-to-use wizard-like tool that enables the creation of executable files from SWF Flash files.

With the help of this friendly tool you may easily compile licensed, stand-alone executables of any SWF file.

Use it to protect the copyright of your SWF movie or to turn your SWF projects, games or presentations into profitable commercial products. You may also easily customize your product's information.

Features and benefits:

* Convert your SWF project, games or presentations into a commercial product.

* Customize your product informations, protects your SWF copyright.

* Runing in memory really, no temporary files produced, SWF files more secure.

* Pack and compress one SWF file with multiple related files into one single executable file.

* Produce a distributable, read-to-run executable file.
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