RemoteMedia Screen Saver [Bas Personal License]
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RemoteMedia Screen Saver [Bas Personal License] (Inactive)

Publisher: Media Creations Ltd
Version: 1.0
License: Shareware
Price: $25.00
Operating Systems: Windows 95/98/ME,Windows XP
System Requirements: Windows 98, XP / 500MHZ Processor, 64MB RAM
File Size: 1.61 MB
Total Views: 753
Total Downloads: 0
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Release Date: 2/7/2010
Last Update Date: 8/15/2012
RemoteMedia Screen Saver [Bas Personal License] Short Description:
RemoteMedia Screensaver Player plays full screen video content via FTP
RemoteMedia Screen Saver [Bas Personal License] Long Description:
RemoteMedia Screensaver Player V1.0 is a screensaver and a display Screen software system. It is a different kind of screensaver that allows you to fully control your display Media and update content in REAL-TIME!

RemoteMedia Screen Saver Player is Easy to Use, yet has some very advanced features. RemoteMedia Screen Saver Player is different from standard screensavers because you can update the content in REAL-TIME without the need to recompile your scren saver.

Use RemoteMedia Screen Saver to drive your display screens!

RemoteMedia Screensaver is good for Schools, Motel, Hotels, Airports, Offices or anywhere you need to display your message... Remote Media Screensaver is the ultimate solution to present your Media and it runs full screen.

Remote media allows you to:

Create your own screen saver

Remote Media Screen saver allows you to play fullscreen images, video, flash and even powerpoint!

You can update your content in Real-time, by simply telling the software which "folder" to read your Media content from. Its that Simple.

Use playlists to control your Media content

No need to re-compile your screen saver every time you want to use it! Simply drag and drop files into your chosen Media folder and Remote Media Screen Saver will play it automatically!

Drag and drop files in your local network (LAN) or update your Media files via FTP!

This means, you can remote control screen savers within a network, from one centralized location! This makes RemoteMedia Screen saver good for:

* Controlling screen savers all at once

* Sending announcements or news updates through the screen savers remotely

* Updating Screen displays from another location

Remote Control Display Screens

You can Remote admin any computer screen or even LCD and Plasma Display screens (running from your computer). This feature is very useful for scenarios such as foyer display screens, LAN Network screen saver control or any computer screen or large display device that is hooked up to your PC.
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