Oparin Clock
Publisher: Anatoly Oparin
Version: 2.11
License: Shareware
Price: $10.90
Operating Systems: Windows NT/2000,Windows XP
File Size: 0.47 MB
Total Views: 1062
Total Downloads: 0
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Release Date: 6/23/2010
Last Update Date: 6/23/2010
Oparin Clock Short Description:
Screensaver-clock with original patented interface. User's options are available
Oparin Clock Long Description:
Know-how is in absolutely new idea of time's display on clock's dial is put in a basis of work of the program. This know-how is officially patented on my name in Russia as useful model #43088.

In the program following adjustments are realized:

> Time: current / since of start

> Size of circles: equal / different

> Picture in the center: preestablished / user / slide-show

> Background: picture / black

> Language: Russian / English

> Other settings: colors, font

- Money from realization of the program are for gallery of children's art "Children on the Internet" http://www.newart.ru/index-e.htm which I contain on public principles.

- Bonus!! Other author's screensaver Oparin DyCycle 2.0 will be enclosed to full version as a bonus. Circles move on the black screen colliding or not colliding with each other as user wish. Three scripts with underscripts of motion are realized. It is really screen saver, ascetic screen saver, which help to keep screen.

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