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Nemo Registry Doctor

Publisher: Password Unlocker
Version: 1.0
License: Shareware
Price: $19.95
Operating Systems: Windows 95/98/ME,Windows NT/2000,Windows XP,Windows NT/2000/2003/SBS2003,Windows Vista,Windows 7
System Requirements:

Windows XP SP2, SP3 (32bit), processor: > 300 MHz CPU; free hard disk space: 25M or above; RAM: 256M or above
Windows Vista SP1 (32/64 bit), processor: 1 GHz CPU or above; free hard disk space

File Size: 1.00 MB
Total Views: 883
Total Downloads: 0
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Release Date: 8/12/2016
Last Update Date: 8/12/2016
Nemo Registry Doctor Short Description:
Nemo Registry Doctor is a professional registry cleaner for Win7, Vista and XP.
Nemo Registry Doctor Long Description:
Nemo Registry Doctor is a registry cleaner designed for Windows 7, Vista and XP, which can clean and repair the useless and invalid items in the Windows registry. It provides the high-performance to scan registry for cleaning redundant items which are no longer in use including left information from adding and removing program, Windows Fonts, Startup Programs and so on. It can also defragment registry to compress space for speeding up the computer. Current registry files will be backed up automatically for restoring before being cleaned in case something important gets deleted. After scanning, it will provide a list of registry errors found, and then you can choose to clean the registry and fix them up.

As a professional Windows registry cleaner, Nemo Registry Doctor performs quickly and reliably with good features combined with friendly interface. Besides, it offers you system tools to monitor and manage registry, optimize system for optomizing your system and speeding up your computer. Along with all of these, it works well with Windows 7, Windows XP and Vista.
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