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Publisher: Global Techsoft Solution
Version: 1.9
License: Shareware
Price: $0.00
Operating Systems: Windows 95/98/ME,Windows NT/2000,Windows XP,Windows NT/2000/2003/SBS2003,Windows Vista,Windows 7
File Size: 1.40 MB
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Release Date: 10/14/2010
Last Update Date: 8/10/2016
MailBlasterOE (Bulk/Mass mail software for OutlookExpress) Short Description:
Group/Mass Email for Outlook Express is for professionals who use OE....
MailBlasterOE (Bulk/Mass mail software for OutlookExpress) Long Description:
Features of MailBlasterOE v1.9 (Group/Mass Email for Outlook Express)

Quality and Simplicity:
Group/Mass email plugin for Outlook Express is very simple to use and highly flexible. You can use all the features of Outlook Express and manage your personal and business emails easily. This software is for people who use Outlook Express extensively and want to manage their business and personal email groups in Outlook Express.
Supporting Files:
Email messages can in text or HTML formats and you can include any number of attachments. To send text messages type the text email message from the text editor in the message tab. To send HTML email message, browse and select the html email file from the message tab.
To add file attachments to email messages, go to the attachment tab and add the attachment files. All attached files will be sent when you export emails to the selected group.
Importing and exporting emails:
Import emails from cvs files, clipboards and from windows, outlook, outlook express address book for maximum flexibility. Cvs files can be commas separated, space or tab separated and can import from multiple fields. Email address can also be imported from clipboard and saved to the group. You can also export email address from a group to a text file for later use.
Email groups and recipients:
Create any number of email groups and add opt-in email address to the group from our group/mass email for Outlook Express software and import the group to outbox folder from where to can send emails to your recipients.
Partial sending and email blocking:
You can send partial emails from the recipient opt-in email list. To send emails to a partial list, specify starting email recipient and ending email recipient. Emails will sent to the recipients to the specified range.
You can block sending emails to group/mass by adding email address to the blocking list. To add emails address to the block list, go to the recipient block list window and add email address from a text file or from clipboard. The added email address will be blocked when emails are sent to the selected group.
Manage Subscription/unsubscription News letters: Manage your news letter subscriptions in Outlook Express easlily. Add subscribe and unsubscribe emails from your inbox folders to your group/mass email list with the click of a button and send your news letters to subscribed group email list.
Check Bounced emails in your list:
Keep your group/mass email list clean. Check bounced emails and remove those emails from your group/mass list and from Outlook Express with the click of a button.
Newly added features to our group/mass email for Outlook Express You can store up to 20 email message subjects. and up to 20 HTML email message files. You can enter up to 5 text messages in text edit windows. When even you want to send email messages to a group select the subject and html file from the drop down combo box that was saved previously.
You can insert macro text (mail merge) to email message subject and email message body. To enter macro text (mail merge) to email message body, select the macro text from the macro list combo box., the macro text will be inserted in the active message tab at the cursor location. The macro text will be replaced with the actual text when sending email messages to groups. Macro text allow you to send customized email messages to the groups.
You can send test email before sending emails to actual groups. To send test emails create a test group and add recipients to the test group and the emails will be listed in the email combo box. Select an email address and click send email button to send emails to individual recipient.
You can send emails to entire group opt-in list or you can send emails to a partial list in a group or you can send emails to a random list in a group. To send random emails to a group, go to the recipient window and from the recipient window select the group you wish to send email messages and from the recipient list, check (box) the recipients you wish to send emails. Emails will be sent only to select recipients in the group.
You can create email messages in multiple tabs. Email message in the active tab will be message that will be sent when emails are sent to the group. This saves you time and effort when creating email messages.
Other features of our group/mass email for outlook express:
All data including subject, message body, email address, group attachment, blocked email list are stored dynamically when you close outlook express and gets loaded dynamically when you open outlook express.
Lifetime customer support, we usually respond with 24 hrs for any queries.
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