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Release Date: 11/8/2012
Last Update Date: 11/8/2012
Learnalot Short Description:
Learnalot supplies high-quality game-based learning resources for maths.
Learnalot Long Description:
Learnalot is an exciting educational portal that uses high-quality game-based learning resources that makes teaching and learning fun and engaging for students aged 11-16 and facilitates skills-based teaching in maths.

Our resources have been designed by teachers and developed by software industry veterans, combining teaching and learning with multimedia experiences that have more in common with video games than text books.

Our resources are designed to develop thinking, reasoning and problem solving skills by presenting the learner with real-life challenges that engage their thought processes in new ways, using topics that students can relate to in their day-to-day lives in the 21st Century in a style that they are used to from their video games.

Literacy across the curriculum is a big issue in schools and enhancing literacy in a maths lesson can be a struggle! Our resources provide plenty of opportunity for 'reading for purpose' exercises - with the less able supported through audio so that their mathematical abilities need not suffer just because they can't fully access the text.

By appealing to students' interests outside of the maths class and to their natural competitiveness on the leaderboards, Learnalot engages students and increases their interest, motivation and determination directly translating into improved results.

Our students learn while performing tasks that they genuinely find enjoyable. They feel that they are fulfilling an important role in a real-life scenario rather than simply taking part in a maths lesson, and this is why our students see such major performance increases in such short periods of time. Essentially, our students are entertained while being educated.

One of the elements of the Learnalot experience that appeals most to young boys is competition and this is actively encouraged by use of online leaderboards for every resource and game as well as an overall leaderboard that ranks total scores across the site.

This natural desire to compete against their friends is something that we leverage at Learnalot and channel it into improving knowledge and performance in maths - skills and knowledge that are invaluable irrespective of the career path a student should take in the future. This competitive nature can be leveraged to an extent with traditional teaching but is maximised through global recognition of achievement on our leaderboards.

All of our resources and games mark and grade students automatically at the end of their activity. Not only are their scores immediately posted to the appropriate leaderboards but their performance is also tracked in the parents' area for the relevant guardian to monitor.

Our portal has been shown to engage students of all ages and all abilities in ways that other portals simply don't. This includes students of higher ability who can sometimes become disengaged through lack of challenge as well as students who are less able thanks to our extensive range of supporting worksheets and hints.

Learnalot is also great for engaging boys who are traditionally disinterested in maths as the competitive nature of the leaderboards draws them in.

The resources also come with extensive supporting worksheets which enable parents to introduce topics to their students before attempting a resource quickly and easily without further work. Parents can also use these worksheets with their children to help explain concepts and processes in ways that are easy to understand.

In case global recognition with their names up in lights is not enough, Learnalot also offers students tangible rewards for hard work by periodically issuing prizes. With that kind of incentive on offer, who wouldn't want to help save the world from a giant asteroid or recapture escaped convicts?
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