Kernel for Writer Repair
Publisher: Kernel Data Recovery
Version: 8.12.01
License: Shareware
Price: $79.00
Operating Systems: Windows 95/98/ME,Windows XP,Windows Vista,Windows 7
System Requirements: Pentium II 400 MHz, 64 MB RAM, 10 MB
File Size: 2.16 MB
Total Views: 781
Total Downloads: 0
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Release Date: 2/8/2011
Last Update Date: 2/8/2011
Kernel for Writer Repair Short Description:
Writer repair software for OpenOffice Writer
Kernel for Writer Repair Long Description:
Kernel for Writer is an OpenOffice recovery software to recover data from corrupt and damaged .ODT files of OpenOffice Writer. Software helps to recover data and save them to new working .odt files. Complete text, images, Unicode characters, text formatting, bullets, embedded images, tables and figures, captions, styles and formatting, page orientations are successfully recovered with Writer repair software. It supports every version of OpenOffice to repair and recover data. OpenOffice Writer files which get corrupt and damaged due to virus attacks, file corruptions, media errors are repaired with the software installed on Windows Vista, XP, 2003, 2002, 2000. Free to download version of the software allows repairing and saving of recovered data but displays the words 'demo' and 'demo restriction' in place of text and images. For more information visit
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