Just Checking
Publisher: Brent Shelton
Version: 1.0
License: Shareware
Price: $14.95
Operating Systems: Win95,Win98,WinME,WinNT 4.x,Windows2000,WinXP,Windows2003,Windows Vista Starter,Windows Vista Home Basic,Windows Vista Home Premium,Windows Vista Business,Windows Vista Enterprise,Windows Vista Ultima
File Size: 1.00 MB
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Release Date: 10/28/2012
Last Update Date: 10/28/2012
Just Checking Short Description:
Award winning application that assists you in balancing your checking accounts a
Just Checking Long Description:
Aren't you tired of working math problems? Just Checking takes the pain out of balancing your checking accounts. The program is easy to use, but there are also powerful tools included. The program resembles a checkbook register. When you add income or an expense transaction, Just Checking automatically calculates the remaining balance. Reconciliation is a snap. Just set the Cleared date for a transaction and compare the Bank Totals with your bank statement.

Database driven. No more .jck files to keep up with. Click Open and you see all your files.

Changes are automatically saved. This prevents you from losing your hard work if computer shuts down or locks up.

Enhanced sorting. Sort by multiple columns. Once you sort, sort order is maintained when you add or edit transactions.

Enhanced filtering. Filter by multiple columns. Powerful filter dialog permits you to filter out transactions by simple or complex criteria.

Specify different colors for income, expenses, and tag.

Fully customize the font for the register area (font name, size, color, etc.).

Enhanced reoccurring transactions.

Date entry on dialogs is easier. Select your date from a calendar or use your arrow keys.

Auto lookup Transactions. Past transactions are looked up and autofill when you select the Payee.

Easier lookup for Payees and Memos.

Specify your own Pay Types. You're not limited by our list anymore. We just include 'Check' and 'Void'.

Import you're old Just Checking files using the Import Wizard.

Store addresses with your Memos.

Backup utilities to backup and restore your database.

Set up users. Each user has their own files, reoccurring transactions, and "auto lookup transactions".

"Cleared" is a date instead of a checkbox for better checking account tracking.

Add a new transaction based on today's date or based on the date of the selected transaction.

Currency format is no longer limited. This new version uses your Windows settings.

Date format is no longer limited. This new version uses your Windows settings.

Printing a check is logged. No more printing the same check twice unless you want to.

Editing check layout is done visually with a user intuitive "check template editor".

Import and export "check templates".

Print more than one check at a time.

You can pick your start check position now.

Add your signature to checks.

Import and Export to a file (JC3) that you can use to move checkbook register files to another computer.

No more program settings dialog. Settings are where you need them. Right-click a dialog to see your options.

Create a full check now. Print the check number, account number, and routing number. A MICR font available on Web site.

Keep your software up to date easily. Just Checking has an option to check for updates on the Help menu. If an update is available, the program will download and install the update for you.
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