Jungle Craft Printable Activities
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Jungle Craft Printable Activities (Inactive)

Publisher: QuickCraft
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License: Shareware
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Release Date: 1/21/2012
Last Update Date: 7/15/2012
Jungle Craft Printable Activities Short Description:
Jungle Craft Printable Activities
Jungle Craft Printable Activities Long Description:
With QuickCraft, entertaining kids becomes childs play.

The activities found in the QuickCraft range are so straightforward and simple to use, even young children can access the activities with ease. With hundreds of printable activities, centered on a main theme, each program offers hours of fulfilled hands on experiences yet still encourages childrens overall growth and development.

Foster childrens imagination and creativity with the numerous learning experiences, craft activities and colouring templates while enhancing their gross and fine motor skills. Immerse children in real life maths experiences with the many cooking, counting and puzzle activities. QuickCraft also caters for those important emerging reading skills, with activities that promote letter-sound and alphabet recognition to inspire a joy of literacy. These printable activities are quick and easily accessible, to do cooperatively with children or to just free up some valuable personal time.

These templates draw upon years of experience in the educational field and will become a valuable asset in planning fun learning experiences for children.

Features of the QuickCraft Range:

Hundreds of activities and templates

Straightforward and simple to use

Hours of fun and entertainment

Educational and learning based

Valuable resources for teachers and parents

Jungle Craft Printable Activities-Everything you need for your Jungle Theme unit or for parents who would like fun jungle activities for children to do at home. This pack is full of jungle themed templates over 200 activities to print make and do. View our sample for a full activity list and activity sample.
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