Italian course+Dictionary for German-speaking
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Italian course+Dictionary for German-speaking

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Release Date: 5/7/2011
Last Update Date: 5/7/2011
Italian course+Dictionary for German-speaking Short Description:
Extensive Italian course + Collins dictionary for German-speaking
Italian course+Dictionary for German-speaking Long Description:
Extensive award winning Italian course for German-speaking by + Collins electronic dictionary. 17 years of experience with language teaching, more than 1.000.000 licenses sold world-wide.
This language learning software is based on the highest quality educational content from the Hueber Verlag Publisher and includes Italian for beginners to advanced students.
Italian language course contains RE-WISE vocabulary builder for Italian vocabulary training, IBM ViaVoice speech recognition software, Italian grammar, Italian pronunciation, Italian phrases, 240 hours of intensive learning, 855 interactive exercises and tests, 5,500 new Italian words and Italian phrases, 1,460 pictures and photos.
Translation dictionary (Italian German dictionary + German Italian dictionary) is the electronic dictionary from HarperCollins Publishers and includes tool for fulltext searches, 60,000 headwords, 95,000 meanings, 110,000 German to Italian translations.
Learn Italian with LANGMaster!
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