Images of Arizona
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Release Date: 9/27/2012
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Images of Arizona Short Description:
Over 150 photographs of Arizona including Grand Canyon National Park and Sedona
Images of Arizona Long Description: is committed to putting together the best free photographic screensavers that can be found on the internet. I know, I know.... That's what they all say! But read on, or download my screensavers if you don't believe me. Scenic Southwest Productions Screensavers are high resolution Screensavers of the scenic southwest. Images Of Arizona includes over 200 fine art photographs of Arizona including; Grand Canyon National Park, Colorado River, Sedona, Monument Valley and lots more. There are fluid, movie like, animated transitions throughout this screensaver and it will take 20 minutes to cycle through all of the images just once. This production also includes five optional music tracks that are rich, dreamy, and relaxing. You will surely feel more relaxed after viewing and listening to this production. As I have been photographing scenic images in Arizona for the last 10 years. One of the highlights of my time here was a 7 day rafting adventure covering nearly 300 miles through Grand Canyon National Park from Lee's Ferry Arizona to Whitmore Wash. The scenic photography opportunities were incredible and I highly recommend this trip as a must do once in a lifetime adventure! Many of the photos I took while on this trip can be viewed in the Arizona photo gallery along with scenic photography of Sedona, Oak Creek Canyon, Slide Rock, Red Rock Crossing State Park, Monument Valley, Tombstone, Painted Desert and many more. 150 of these images can be seen if you take advantage of the high quality free screensaver download I have provided.
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