File Sorter
Publisher: Itanium Software Solutions, Inc.
Version: 2007 Q4
License: Shareware
Price: $39.95
Operating Systems: Windows XP,Windows Vista
System Requirements: Any computer
File Size: 20.04 MB
Total Views: 1292
Total Downloads: 0
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Release Date: 8/7/2010
Last Update Date: 8/7/2010
File Sorter Short Description:
Sort Files, Sort Music, Sort Photos easily with File Sorter
File Sorter Long Description:
Sort files (music, photos, etc.) easily? Then you need File Sorter. This automatic file sorter, file organizer and file renamer will sort, organize and rename all your files, music and media. File Sorter will sort MP3 music files, sort music files of all types, sort photos and sort all other media files. Get all your files to be sorted with such powerful media organizer as File Sorter.

Key features of File Sorter:

~ Sort files (automatically)

(all MP3 music, photo and other media files will be sorted)

~ Sort MP3 music files

(including ID3v1, ID3v2, ID3v3 and other types of MP3 music files)

~ Sort music files

(of all types, music files in more than 387 music file formats are sorted)

~ Sort photo files

(of all types, photo files in more than 396 photo file formats are sorted)

~ Sort files everywhere, even in archives

(file sorter sort files even if they are packed in ZIP/RAR archives)

~ Sort all other files

(music, photos, archives, books and much more - all files are sorted)

~ Sort files easily

(with user-friendly wizard)

~ Sort files exactly as you want

(more than 1400 variants of how to sort files)

~ Sort music exactly as you want

(by artist, genre, album - variety of variants)

~ Sort photos exactly as you want

(by date, by dimensions, by camera model - variety of variants)

Want music, photos and other files to be sorted? Then use File Sorter. This automatic file sorter, music sorter, mp3 sorter, photo sorter will sort files, sort music, sort photos - easily and exactly as you prefer.

Sort all your Music, Photos, Videos and all other files right Now -

Download FULL VERSION of File Sorter for FREE at right now!

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