Feldenkrais Passenger Head
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Feldenkrais Passenger Head

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Release Date: 9/28/2012
Last Update Date: 9/28/2012
Feldenkrais Passenger Head Short Description:
Enhance your balance, control and coordination
Feldenkrais Passenger Head Long Description:
Feldenkrais Passenger Head

We spend time in this Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement lesson learning to move your head via your torso and pelvis. This reflects a nice strategy within the Feldenkrais Method, the concept of proximal and distal. Normally we move the extremities in isolation to the rest of the body. To apply these principles in the head - neck region is very beneficial.

I believe that if there is a universal principle with movement it is that good movement involves the whole body. Even the slightest. This then requires very subtle connections and a high degree of awareness. One of the ways we develop these connections, while at the same time release any undue tension, is by initiating movement in a controlled manner proximally - or from the centre out.

This exercise is very good for releasing neck tension.

Hence the term: Feldenkrais Passenger Head. You will literally take your head on a ride to greater ease, comfort and alertness.
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