Feldenkrais Musicians Touch
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Feldenkrais Musicians Touch

Publisher: Integrated Learning
Version: 1.0
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Release Date: 9/28/2012
Last Update Date: 9/28/2012
Feldenkrais Musicians Touch Short Description:
Supple fingers - flexibility and dexterity
Feldenkrais Musicians Touch Long Description:
Feldenkrais Musicians Touch

This Feldenkrais Method lesson is designed to develop dexterity with your hands and fingers. While this is of obvious advantage to musicians it is also very good for anyone who uses a computer keyboard. Again, sports people will find this contributes to their timing and skill to the extent that they rely on good hand coordination. This Feldenkrais Method exercise really illustrates the relationship between movement and the brain. In the Feldenkrais Method we use very easy, gentle processes to develop awareness with this part of the body.

A nice side benefit to this Feldenkrais Method exercise is that you can do elements of it anywhere. Professional sports people who have worked with me use elements of this one during the game to keep themselves focused and their touch sensitive and accurate. It is very effective.
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