Dynamic Submission
Publisher: Apex Pacific Pty Ltd
Version: 7.0
License: Shareware
Trial Limitations: 30 Days
Price: $99.95
Operating Systems: Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP
System Requirements: Pentium II or greater recommended, 32MB RAM or more recommended, 28.8KBps or faster Internet Connection, 20MB minimum free Hard Drive space
File Size: 4.90 MB
Total Views: 2004
Total Downloads: 0
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Release Date: 3/25/2004
Last Update Date: 11/16/2011
Dynamic Submission Short Description:
Web promotion internet marketing search engine site submission ranking software
Dynamic Submission Long Description:
Dynamic Submission is a multi-award winning, web promotion software on the market today. It has been developed to offer Website owners the ability to promote their websites to the ever increasing number of search engines on the internet without any hassles or complications. It will help you submit your web site to hundreds of major search engines with just a few button "clicks" and drive 1000's of guaranteed traffic to your web site. Simply enter your Web Site details and press a button. This incredible program will automatically submit all your web sites to 1000+ major Search Engines within minutes and also provides you all the tools to get your web site to be listed on the TOP positions.

As 85% of internet traffic is generated by search engines, submitting your Web site to all Major Search Engines is the most effective way of promoting your Webpage on the Internet. In order to maintain a Search Engine placing near the top for your chosen 'keywords' it is essential to regularly submit your Web site details to these Web directories and engines. The actual registration process can be deceptively simple but time consuming, especially if done on a regular basis. Dynamic Submission is just what you need for this repetitive but very important task - and it does so fully automatically.
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