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Butterflies of East Europe - annual subscription

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Release Date: 8/12/2016
Last Update Date: 8/12/2016
Butterflies of East Europe - annual subscription Short Description:
The butterflies (Hesperioidea and Papilionoidea, Lepidoptera) of East Europe.
Butterflies of East Europe - annual subscription Long Description:
The database: The butterflies (Hesperioidea and Papilionoidea, Lepidoptera) of East Europe.


Authors of the database: Igor G. Pljushtch, Dmytri V. Morgun, Kirill
E. Dovgailo, Nicolai I. Rubin, Igor A. Solodovnikov.

This work is the complete survey and identification guide to 319 species
(378 taxa are considered in details, including subspecies) of butterflies,
occurring in Norway (Finnmark Province), Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania,
Romania, Slovakia, Hungary, Belarus, Poland, Ukraine, Moldavia, European
Russia (including all North Caucasus administrative units), and Western
Kazakhstan (Ural and Atyrau Regions). The work includes additionally the
list of 13 species possibly published erroneously for this area in old
literature sources, belonged to the end of 19th - beginning of the 20th
century. Based on our research we consider the inhabitation of these species
on the study area does not confirmed by the available museum and new factual

ISBN: 985-90000-6-9

The task to survey fauna, taxonomy, biology and ecology of such big and
complex group as butterflies for the vast area of Eastern Europe was realized
in this database thanking to the unity of efforts of five researchers
from Ukraine, Russia, and Belarus:

Igor Georgievich Pljushtch (Kiev, Ukraine),

Dmytri Vladimirovich Morgun (Moscow, Russia),

Kirill Yevgen'evich Dovgailo (Minsk, Belarus),

Nikolai Isaakovich Rubin (Grodno, Belarus),

Igor Al'bertovich Solodovnikov (Vitsebsk, Belarus)

The work runned by the following way. Several taxonomic lists of day butterflies,
widely accepted in Russian lepidopterological school, were taken. All
authors suggested their opinion and modifications, which were discussed
and included in our list at the meeting of co-authors. Thus the original
list of Eastern European taxa was compiled. The articles about common
species were created jointly. The original data on biology and distribution
of butterflies in Ukraine, Romania, Moldavia, Russian North Caucasus,
and Finnmark province of Norway were composed mainly by Igor Georgievich
Pljushtch. The detailed collection of faunistic data, summaries on biology
of butterflies from European and North Caucasian Russia, North-West Kazakhstan
were done by Dmytri Vladimirovich Morgun. The data from Belarus, Finland,
and some regions of SE European Russia, NW Kazakhstan were prepared by
Kirill Yevgen'evich Dovgailo. The work on data collection on fauna and
biology of butterflies from Belarus, Baltic countries, Republic of Crimea
(Ukraine), Slovakia, NW Kazakhstan - Igor Al'bertovich Solodovnikov. The
data on species living in Poland, Belarus, and in big degree Crimea were
prepared by Nikolai Isaakovich Rubin. Species mapping was carried out
by each author in frames of regions as described above, and based on original
and other data.

Lysandra software - a taxonomic identification software for creating databases
for groups of living organisms.

(c) 2006-2011, K.E. Dovgailo, the software "Lysandra", database, all
digital date and digital images.
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