BPEX Lean SAGE (Self Assessment)
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BPEX Lean SAGE (Self Assessment)

Publisher: Business Process Excellence LLC
Version: 1.0
License: Shareware
Price: $230.00
Operating Systems: Windows XP,Windows Vista
System Requirements: Windows XP or better, MS Excel 2007
File Size: 1.00 MB
Total Views: 1288
Total Downloads: 0
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Release Date: 6/23/2010
Last Update Date: 6/23/2010
BPEX Lean SAGE (Self Assessment) Short Description:
See how your business operation compares to Lean Best Practices. Set priorities.
BPEX Lean SAGE (Self Assessment) Long Description:
Lean SAGE is a collection of linked files in MS Excel 2007 format. All questions and issues comprising the Lean Assessment are contained in one file, with 20 uniquely-named copies provided for later integration and analysis. Blank template files can be distributed easily via email, and the completed response files collected similarly. The main Data Analyzer file assimilates all responses (as desired by the Administrator). It performs all calculations, generates all charts, and presents results of analysis and interpretation all within that single main file.

A team of colleagues can conduct a meaningful, insightful self-assessment of their business operation from a Lean perspective. They can identify areas of relative strength and weakness, and even quantify their performance to an extent. This product helps them to focus on areas of greatest importance and opportunity for improvement. It always promotes discovery and discussion, and it encourages objective views of personnel who may have rather different understanding of issues and priorities.

The assessment process can be conducted locally, remotely, or in combination. No server or Web connection is necessary (except for transmission of files back and forth, or as may be desired during group review of findings).

In addition to the quantitative and objective findings that emerge, use of the product strongly promotes essential discovery, discussion, communication, and shared understanding all of which are crucial to an organization looking to maximize performance and optimize resources.

Who is it for?

* Leadership and improvement teams charged with reducing waste and maximizing improvement results

* Third-party Lean Six Sigma (LSS) professional consultants wanting a comprehensive and structured framework for conducting fee-based Lean assessments for their clients

* Trainers who can benefit from a detailed presentation of the issues and considerations central to determining healthy Lean performance

Why should someone buy it?

It provides much of the insight and analysis that is typically included in a 1/2-day to 2-day ($3,000+) professional engagement for conducting a Lean Assessment, at only a small fraction of the cost. It can be used at the convenience of the customer, with no outside expertise necessary. The process later can be repeated and refined, if desired.

The product is based upon long-established considerations and principles of Lean, as applicable not only to manufacturing but other types of business operations as well. It draws upon years of professional expertise in analyzing and interpreting results. And it fosters essential discussion and communication so vital for reaching shared understanding of circumstances and priorities.

The users have flexibility in determining not only scoring of various elements but also relative importance to the organization. The assessment is easily distributed to participants and completed independently, with responses integrated for analysis and review. Clear, thorough presentation of findings with supporting analysis and even interpretation is based upon extensive professional experience and refinement of the product over long-term use.

(File download in ZIP format. Requires MS Excel 2007.)
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