BDBear Blu-ray to AVCHD
Publisher: BDBear INC.
Version: 1.3
License: Shareware
Price: $30.00
Operating Systems: Windows NT/2000,Windows XP,Windows Vista,Windows 7
System Requirements: Minimum configuration: ?Pentium-IV 1.0 GHz or a faster processor ?512MB of RAM ?50 GB free hard disc space (NTFS partition) ?Windows 7, Vista, XP ?A Blu-ray disc drive Recommended configuration:
File Size: 5.69 MB
Total Views: 365
Total Downloads: 1
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Release Date: 9/11/2012
Last Update Date: 9/11/2012
BDBear Blu-ray to AVCHD Short Description:
copy any Blu-ray to any Blu-ray/DVD disc.
BDBear Blu-ray to AVCHD Long Description:
BDBear Blu-ray Copy is the first full-featured Blu-ray copy software which is powerful enough to remove all Blu-ray copy protections and copy any Blu-ray to any Blu-ray/DVD disc or to your hard drive with just one or a few clicks. It will make the Blu-ray copy extremely fast. With its user-friendly design and cool interfaces, you will find that Blu-ray copy is so easy and enjoyable.It also allows you to make various customized settings, like the selection of audio track and subtitle, the control of the compression rate, and many more. Now you can put away your original Blu-ray discs and enjoy your favorite movies anytime you like!
1. Copy Any Blu-ray:
VOVSoft Blu-ray Copy removes all known AACS copy protections; removes all known BD+ copy protections; removes Region Code, BD-Live, UOPs, MKB V18 and even the newly released MKB V19. So it can decrypt and copy any Blu-ray.
2. Copy Blu-ray movies to BD-R/REs
With Enhanced burning engine, VOVSoft Blu-ray Copy supports the copy of latest Blu-ray movies,and can backup it to BD-R 25, BD-RE 25, BD-R 50 and BD-RE 50 in just a few clicks.
3. Backup Blu-ray to hard drive
With this Blu-ray Copyyou can backup your Blu-ray to your hard drive as Blu-ray folder or ISO image file for later burning.
4. 5X faster than normal speed - Copy fast and effectively
Make the Blu-ray copy 500% faster than normal speed
5.Perfect 1:1 Blu-ray copy
Makes a copy of the whole Blu-ray disc onto another, keeping those fancy menus and introductions
6.Movie-only copy
Copies the main movie of the original Blu-ray disc to a blank BDR(25G), omitting unwanted features like menus, special features and prohibition messages
7. Movie complete copy
Compresses a BDR(50G) to a blank BDR(25G), including menus and special features; Correct and complete copy of a full BDR(25G) onto another
8. Split Blu-ray copy
Splits one Blu-ray movie to two blank BDRs(25G)
9.Very easy to operate
Blu-ray Copy is easy to use even for new users, with an intuitive, step-by-step process layout. For more experienced users, Blu-ray Copy has the power to customize the copy experience.
10. Cool and gorgeous interfaces
It allows you to make various customized settings, like the selection of audio track and subtitle, the control of the compression rate, and many more.
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