AutoMask (Mac OS 9.x/ Mac OS X)
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AutoMask (Mac OS 9.x/ Mac OS X)

Publisher: BigNet Store
Version: 1.0
License: Shareware
Price: $99.00
Operating Systems: Mac,OS X - Macintosh
File Size: 1.00 MB
Total Views: 1146
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Release Date: 3/15/2012
Last Update Date: 3/15/2012
AutoMask (Mac OS 9.x/ Mac OS X) Short Description:
AutoMask! version 4 is a Masking Filter Plug-In for Photoshop or Jasc PaintShopP
AutoMask (Mac OS 9.x/ Mac OS X) Long Description:
AutoMask! version 4 is a Masking Filter Plug-In for Photoshop or Jasc PaintShopPro:
It features :
  • Global Density Masking
    The density masking action occurs all over the selected area.
    With the Global density, you can pick several colors, RGB or CMYK, and create a mask on these selected areas. This Global Density also lets users select any color that they want to protect from being covered a mask ( Protective density ).
    The Global Density technique is especially useful, when the subject is against a flat color background. In this case you have to select the color of the background and your mask is done! A special Virtual Masking Brush eliminates extra spots or unwanted mask created via the automatic density action. It is very common to have the same color inside your subject and outside, this is why the virtual masking/unmasking airbrush is useful! The brush is virtual because it works at the same speed whatever your picture size and may be used on very large images.

  • Local Brush Density Masking
    As you move along the edge of the subject, you can sample the image with the Density Brush Picker. The selected color is used to build a mask automatically along the edge.
    An unlimited number of readings can be taken. Undo is possible. Users can go back and forth between any masking feature at any point.
    The local brush may be used in combination with the global density tool.
    The main strength of our density brush masking tool is the smoothness on the edge. AutoMask respects the natural antialiasing of the subject and the semi-transparency of the edges The mask created comes as an opacity layer or as a fourth or a fifth channel on a background image. AutoMask is the perfect tool for all the difficult silhouettes : trees, landscape, furs, animals...

    AutoMask is an Advanced Masking Tool which goes beyond what Photoshop is offering :
    AutoMask work in RGB or CMYK...directly on a layer of Photoshop if you wish...
    why spend more for another masking tools... AutoMask has it all and will be a time-saver especially on difficult subjects such as furs/trees...

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