Aces Omaha - No Limit (Palm)
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Aces Omaha - No Limit (Palm)

Publisher: Concrete Software
Version: 1.0
License: Shareware
Price: $19.99
Operating Systems: Palm OS
File Size: 1.00 MB
Total Views: 1271
Total Downloads: 0
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Release Date: 11/10/2012
Last Update Date: 11/10/2012
Aces Omaha - No Limit (Palm) Short Description:
Texas Hold'em on STEROIDS! Omaha is played like Texas Hold'em.
Aces Omaha - No Limit (Palm) Long Description:
All New Aces Omaha - No Limit Poker!!

Play the next big game to come along after Texas Holdem. Go ALL IN with this No Limit Omaha poker game! Texas Holdem has spread across the world and can be seen played everywhere, now the next big game Omaha is quickly following in its footsteps.

In Omaha, it has similar rules to Texas Holdem, but you get 4 cards and have to play 2 of your 4 cards. This gives you 6 possible hands you can use with your 4 cards giving you more possibilities along with your opponents making the game more action packed and exciting.

No Limit Omaha is easy to learn using the same rules as poker but only giving each player
four cards and sharing 5 community cards. Aces Omaha - No Limit is a no limit betting game, so at any time you can bet all your money. This is an Omaha High version, so you always play for the best hand.

The game has a number of game settings that make it highly configurable. Use the preset players or create and/or modify new players, setting their look, name, money, and intelligence to one of five different levels. Eliminate players as you go and eventually win it all!

Aces Omaha - No Limit Contains :

- With no limit you can call out your opponents on an "All-in" bet, or bet any amount you want!

- Incredible graphics, including player face images and hi-res.

- Great sound effects with an option to turn sound off/on.

- Play up to 11 players of Omaha opponents at a time.

- "Deal'em Button" so users can see cards even after the game is over.

- Can pause the game at the end of each hand or have the dealing keep moving for faster play.

- Option to make the game move faster after you fold.

- Amazing intelligence for opponents, work your way up to the Omaha Pro level.

- Display 3 opponents at a time with the ability to scroll for more players.

- Lose all your money!! That's all right, refill your bankroll and try again.

- Use your favorite poker nicknames for yourself and your opponents.

- Change between 4 game speeds.

- Create/Modify as many opponents as you would like - setting their names,
faces, intelligence levels, and holdings.

- Blinds can be set to stay the same, increment on a timer, or by number of rounds.

- Blinds can start at 1 of 13 amounts and the timer for blinds can be set to 1 of 10 time increments.

- Play tournament style until one player wins it all, or setup players to automatically sit in when other players lose all their money.

- Amazing statistics on number of hands played, hands won, winning
percentage, folds, raises, fold total amount bet, tournament wins, etc. so you can keep track of exactly how you played.

- If you don't have time to play an entire game in one sitting, the game is saved for you so you can resume when you come back.

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